Enjoy The Swanky Nightlife And Help Put The Fun Back Into “Fun”Draiser?: Here’s How

Colleges do it. Private schools do it. Non-profit foundations do it too. All of these organizations have one thing in common; they have to raise money to support their ongoing needs. Some of the fundraisers are not all that fun, but every once in a while, the groups that organize the fundraisers put the "fun" back into "fundraiser." They host special parties and events where the price per plate or ticket goes to support their charity or organization. If you are on a fundraising committee and you are trying to create a fun event that most people will want to attendhere is how to do it.

Book the Executive Lounge

Some hotels have an executive lounge, as do airports. If you book an executive lounge at an airport for a swanky evening gala, then your attendees can fly in, join the party and fly out on the next available flight. They do not even have to stay an entire day or overnight if they do not want to. If you and your committee cannot get the executive lounge at the airport, then an executive lounge at a high-class hotel works just as well. Attendees to your event have direct access to rooms for the night, an additional perk for most events that are booked at a hotel. The hotel may even reserve a block of rooms just for the guests of your charity event!

Book a Nightclub

Nightclubs are not likely to refuse private parties when you book in advance. Some nightclubs have an upstairs club just for these particular occasions. Your group could charge admission to the event (enough to cover the cost of the private club night and plenty left over for the fundraiser) and then offer a wet cash bar. Some nightclub owners may even be willing to donate some of the night's liquor sales to your cause, a worthwhile question to ask when you start looking around at nightclub venues.

Have a Casino Night at the Venue of Your Choice

Traveling casino parties are becoming quite popular, especially with charitable groups and nonprofits who are trying to raise money and have fun at the same time. All the money played and lost by your guests is split between the cost of traveling casino and your organization, and you could still charge a cover charge or event ticket price for each person in attendance. The nice thing about this type of "fun"draiser is that you can place the traveling casino in any venue you like, including a campus union or yacht club.